A word or two from the Referee Team about coping with Danish Rules and Regulations

Danish International is, despite the name, a national tournament which is founded on Danish Rules and Regulations. These Danish Rules do not differ very much from the international ones. Still we would like to emphasis a few things.

Referees duties are to supervise the tournament, when it comes to rule interpretations, draws,sportsmanlike conduct, fairness, conditions of the playing field and equipment, clothing, behavior and the Referee Team have the power to disqualify anyone who “misbehave”, according to the regulations.

Here are a few points to pay attention to:

  • The rules that work in matches are the ITTF rules.

  • It will be the players who have to agree on a decision, when it is about the play. e.i. points, let, edgeball, netball, service faults etc.

  • If needed the referee will help the players to make a good decision.

  • Anyone who tries to bias the players decision is “misbehaving”!

  • Danish regulations on disciplinary issues have 3 levels of disqualifications:

    • Disqualification from the actual match.

    • Disqualification from the category.

    • Disqualification from the rest of the event.

  • The disqualification is executed by showing the offender a red card, and telling him or her the level of the disqualification.

  • We do not have a fixed price list when it comes to disqualification, it is in the range from unfair behavior, intimidation of the opponent or anybody else to directly physical harm done to someone or something.

  • In Denmark, the referees have the possibility to give the players a formal warning by showing a yellow card. Bear in mind that the yellow card is not necessary a predecessor for the red card.

  • Please also bear in mind that the tournament is running on a tight schedule, so please be on time at the right table. If you can foresee a delay please inform the referee and we will try to find a solution to have the player playing without delaying the whole category of players. If players do not show up on scheduled time, they might be defaulted.


We are looking so much forward to be a part of this tournament, and be there to experience all these young human beings in joy of victory or sadness of defeat.

The Referee Team

 Allan Sørensen, referee at Danish International Youth table tennis tournament
Allan Sørensen       Søren Engers Pedersen