FAQ – Find your answers on Danish International (2016)

Answers on the table tennis tournament in denmark

Some of you have had some good questions about the Danish International youth tournament . We have compiled the best questions and our answers on this page, so everyone can find the answers.

If you have further questions, you are of course still welcome to contact us at info@DanishInternational.dk.


  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • Upfront payment – Entry fee
  • Accommodation
  • Currency and credit cards
  • Transportation
  • What to see in Hillerød
  • Level of players
  • Prizes
  • Recommended restaurants in Hillerød

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Breakfast buffet are included if you stay at FrederiksborgCentret or Hotel Hillerød.

In the cafeteria at FrederiksborgCentret, you will be able to buy light breakfast, lunch buffet and misc. food and beverages during the day

You can buy dinner at FrederiksborgCentret and we will also on www.danishinternational.dk recommend good restaurants to visit in Hillerød City. In walking distance from FrederiksborgCentret and Hotel Hillerød.



See here: https://danishinternational.dk/accomodation/
Hotel Hillerød, you reserve you self by sending an email to: hotel@hotelhillerod.dk
FrederiksborgCentret, you reserve by sending an email to: info@DanishInternational.dk
Both are paid after (or during) stay.

Currency and credit cards

In Denmark, the currency is Danish Kroner (1 EUR = Approx. 7.5 DKK)
At FrederiksborgCentret there will be a vending machine, that accept Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard xx)
Credit cards are accepted in most shop and restaurants in Denmark.


Public transportation are good and safe in Denmark.
Activities and sightseeing in Hillerød city are all within walking distance.

Hillerød City map

How to get to FrederiksborgCentret

At www.Rejseplanen.dk you can find out how to go to Hillerød by public transportation or from Hillerød to Copenhagen Centre.

Copenhagen airport to Hillerød train station

  • By car:  – 1 hour
  • By train: The train station (Metro) is at the Airport, and you can buy tickets there. You only need to take train M2, and change at Nørreport station. Train-A goes then directly to Hillerød Station (end station). From Hillerød Station, it is a 10 min walk to FrederiksborgCentret (and Hotel Hillerød), or taxis are available.

Hillerød train station to Copenhagen City (Hovedbanegården)

  • A-train departure every 10-20 min. from Hillerød station to Hovedbanegården, and takes 41 min.
    Hovedbanegården is located beside the famous amusement park Tivoli and 5 min. walk from shopping street Strøget.

What to see in Hillerød

Read more at: Visit Nordsjælland – Hillerød

Hillerød lies right in the heart of North Sealand, surrounded by the lush Gribskov (forest) and the historic Frederiksborg Castle as a distinguished center. The city has an active cultural life with lots of experiences within music, art, theater and film – and the charming pedestrian streets and shopping malls offers plenty of shopping, cafes and restaurants.

Frederiksborg Castle Gardens
In the beginning of the 18th century, a Baroquegarden was established by the royal architect and landscape designer Johan Cornelius Krieger, and it was maintained for 40 years. In 1996 the reestablished Baroque Garden was completed. Opening hours 10am till sundown or at the latest 9pm.

Shopping and eating in Hillerød
There are plenty of shops and restaurants (indoor and outdoor), located at Helsingørgade and Østergade.

Level of players

Danish youth national team players and just below are participating.

There are no limit on who can join the tournament, because both team- and single event will be played with first a group-stage and then A-cup & B-cup-stages.

The A-Cup & B-Cup stages will include more matches which then enables more even matches after group stages.

We recommend to participate if you are in top 50 in your age group, but do you want the challenge you are more than welcome, you will only learn.


In team event there are big trophies and medals for Top 4 teams in A and B cup stages.

In Single there are medals for Top 4 players in A and B cup stages, and good sponsor prizes.

Recommended restaurants in Hillerød

See the Hillerød-restaurants on Tripadvisor.